Nelson Safaris Terms and Conditions.


Download the PERSONAL INDEMNITY read in conjunction with Terms and Conditions.

GENERAL - Definitions

Company” - is Nelsons Fur Feather and Fin Safaris Africa CC, or it's duly authorised Representative/s.
Client” - is the person with capacity to contract, either directly, or on behalf of a third party, to receive the Company's services at an agreed cost.
"Services" - are specified by the Company in a detailed itinerary, and are either to be supplied direct by the Company, it's Agents, or sub contracted third parties.
Itinerary” - proposals setting out a daily schedule of services to be provided by the Company, and including total costs which detail the inclusions and exclusions relating to said cost.
Contract” - is constituted when the Client confirms agreement to the Company's itinerary in writing.

Once a contract is made between the Company, and the client, it becomes legally binding on both parties, and subject to the terms and conditions as set out below.


1.1 The Company shall request, and confirm all required services referred to in the contract.

1.2 In the event of any particular service not being available for any reason whatsoever, the Company reserves the right to substitute services of a similar standard.

1.3 The Company shall inform the Client that all services have been confirmed in terms of either 1.1, and / or 1.2, at which point a deposit becomes due and payable in terms of Clause 3.1.1

1.4 The Company undertakes to fulfill it's obligations in terms of the itinerary, and provide all the services contracted for, except in circumstances that are beyond the operating control of the Company, and particularly if they are due to a “force majueure”.

1.5 The Company reserves the right to change, amend, or cancel bookings during the course of an itinerary in terms of 1.4 should circumstances make it unavoidable.

1.6 Should change, amendment, or cancellation referred to in 1.5 prove necessary The Company will provide the Clients with as much notice as is possible, and where possible, offer comparable alternatives.

1.7 Where acceptable alternatives are not available, the Client will, where possible, be offered a refund of monies paid in respect of the affected services, subject to any deduction for expenses that may have been incurred by, and be outside the control of, the Company.

1.8 The Company shall not be responsible for any costs incurred by the Client in terms of 1.5, and that do not form part of the original itinerary agreed between the two parties.


2.1 The Client agrees to pay the necessary monies due in terms of clause 3.

2.2 The Client will ensure that all legalities of travel to / from countries outside country of origin are complied with, including relevant documentation such as visas and inoculation requirements where necessary.

2.3 Whilst the Company will strive to ensure the personal safety of clients within it's care as far as can be reasonably expected, there can be no guarantees, and it is incumbent upon the Client to also exercise sensible precautions at all times.

2.4 Clients may not carry any unlawful articles or substances whilst traveling in the Southern African region. It is also incumbent on clients to adhere to the customs and respect the cultures of the people in the places being visited. Should any client contravene the aforesaid prohibitions or break the customs the Company will be entitled to exclude the offender from the safari or tour and such client will be responsible for his or her own repatriation and all costs associated therewith. The company will under no circumstance assist any such offender in any negotiations or dealings with any authority.

2.5 Where special services are required by the Client, whether they be dietary, cultural, religious etc, the Client will give notice of such requirements in advance of arrival, and the Company will do what it reasonably can to comply with such requests.

2.6 In the event that the client specifically requests accommodation and / or third party services and of which the Company has no personal knowledge or experience, the Client accepts full responsibility for the level, and standard of such accommodation, and services provided.

2.7 It is the Client's responsibility to ensure that adequate, and appropriate personal insurances are in place, including medical, and repatriation insurance in the event of injury, death, or unforeseen curtailment and /or cancellation.

2.8 Evidence of the insurances as per clause 2.6 will need to be provided to the Company at least 14 days prior to departure. The Company can assist in arranging this cover when requested to do so.


3.1 All prices are quoted in South African Rand, Euro or US Dollars. Payment in approved foreign currency will be accepted at the rate of exchange applied by the bankers of the Company at the time of receipt of payment. Any shortfall resulting from exchange rate fluctuations will be for the account of the Client. All payments are subject to the following:

3.1.1 Deposit of 25% of total price due and payable at time of confirmation as in clause 1.3.

3.1.2 50% becomes due and payable 45 days prior to departure.

3.1.3 The balance is payable at least 14 days prior to departure.

3.1.4 Direct Bank transfer is the preferred method of payment.

3.1.5 Any discrepancy due to currency fluctuations to be settled prior to commencement of itinerary.

3.2 For itineraries confirmed within 45 days of commencement, 75% of the amount is payable immediately with the balance payable 14 days prior to departure.

3.2.1 For itineraries confirmed within 14 days of departure the amount is payable immediately.


4.1 Notice of cancellation by the Client shall be in writing and subject to the following penalties:

4.1.1 Cancellation 45 Days and more – 50% deposit forfeited.

4.1.2 Cancellation 30 to 44 days - 25% of total price forfeited.

4.1.3 Cancellation 15 to 29 days - 50% of total price forfeited.

4.1.4 Cancellation 1 to 14 days - 100% of total price forfeited.

4.2 Due to contractual obligations with third party service suppliers, the Company reserves the right to cancel the contract, and all it's obligations therein, without notice, if the terms of clause 3 are not complied with by the Client.

4.3 Should a client fail to join a safari or tour, join it after departure or leave prior to completion, no refund will be made or credit granted.


In all matters where disputes have arisen and it is or may be necessary to have recourse to the court, the courts of the Republic of South Africa shall have sole jurisdiction to the exclusion of the courts of any other country and the ruling law of the Republic of South Africa shall prevail.