About Nelsons Safaris.

The Birding Side

Although our trips are not particularly focused on birding it is an area of great interest to us and many hours are spent birding the areas we visit in Botswana, South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

Birding Botswana

Our trips to Botswana take in a number of different habitats. These include the Kalahari sand veld, the pans of the Makgadigadi, the bush of the Moremi, the waterways of the Chobe and Kavango Rivers and the spectacle of the Okavango Delta. The birding on this trip is varied and we have recorded up to 285 species on a single two-week trip.

Some of the specials encountered on the trips to Botswana include Hartlaub’s Babbler, Rufous-Bellied Heron, Rock Pratincole, African Finfoot, Tropical and Swamp Boubou, White-Browed and Coppery-Tailed Coucals, Brown Firefinch, Arnott's and Boulder Chats, Tinkling and Chirping Cisticola, Racket-tailed Roller, African Skimmer and Wattled Cranes.

Birding the Kalahari

The arid landscape of the Kalahari is an area that allows great sightings of many raptors and owls. The lack of treed vegetation allows for unhindered bird watching and the sighting of 6 owl species on the same day is not unusual. In summer the arrival of the migrant eagle species makes this an excellent area for eagles as well as many of the smaller raptors such as Pygmy and Red Necked Falcons. The large numbers of Kori Bustards and the not so numerous Ludwig’s Bustards are also of interest.

We have recorded up to 132 species on our trips on the wilderness trails and in the camps of the Kalahari.

Birding in Zimbabwe

On one trip to Zimbabwe we have recently recorded 273 species in a couple of weeks. The birding up in the eastern highlands of Zimbabwe and in particular in the miombo forests and mountains of the Vumba Plateau is spectacular. The high level of endemism in this area of Zimbabwe make it a must visit area for any birding enthusiast.

The habitats in and around Mana Pools and the Matopos that we travel through in Zimbabwe make for great birding.

Some of the specials encountered on our most recent trip to Zimbabwe include:

Chirinda Apalis, Miombo Double-collared Sunbird, Stripe-cheeked and Yellow-streaked Greenbuls, Ayre’s Hawk Eagle, White-breasted Cuckoo Shrike, Southern Hyliota, African Golden Oriole, Wood and Tree Pipits, White-tailed Crested Flycatcher, Black-fronted Bush Shrike, Whyte’s Barbet, Yellow-bellied East(African Swee) Waxbill, Orange-winged Pytilia, Mottled Spinetail, Mottled Swifts, White-Browed Coucal, Yellow-Bellied(Variable) Sunbird, Miombo Tit, Dickinsons Kestrel and Miombo Rock-Thrush.